Ditto is a Pokemon They are known for their ability to imitate other Pokémon and even humans – in a way that breaks the laws of physics.

The impossibility of Ditto’s powers (looking beyond the fact that it’s an imaginary pink bubble) has physicists excited On the Pokemon subreddit To investigate, looking for some way to make Ditto’s powers actually work according to our scientific laws (which wasn’t a problem in… This is a strange case of Pokemon). There are hundreds of responses trying to explain how Ditto’s unique ability can actually be achieved.

Does the same thing actually change the mass?

The discussion begins with a breakdown of the law of conservation of mass, with one user wondering how Ditto, a 4kg lump of slime with a face, could spontaneously become a 400kg piece of Steelix. Just where does the mass come from?

“The HP Ditto stays the same, its size doesn’t change,” says one editor. “It’s an imitation of the opponent.”

However, another argues: “The weight of the object itself changes, though. It needs to change weight for weight-based moves like Low Kick, Grass Knot, and Heavy Slam. That’s how its mass changes.”

There is another hypothesis that states that the PP (Power Points) that Pokemon need to perform attacks could hold the answer to the question.

“PP is a form of stored energy that biological processes in Pokémon can use to fuel various effects,” said one Pokémon physicist (unofficial title). “And this is where the extra mass comes from. It’s converted directly from PP. This is also where Oceanic Water Pokemon’s supply of Liquid Artillery comes from.”

While this is being achieved, it will take an unprecedented amount of energy to convert it into matter. Unfortunately, it looks like Ditto won’t work in the real world – though A Pokemon item has arrived in the real world.

Featured Image: The Pokemon Company

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