Now it can be said: Hamish Linklater (Midnight mass) will be voicing Batman in Bruce Timm’s latest animated series, Batman: Caped Crusader, Late grab Batman: The Animated Series a star Kevin Conroy. You can hear a tease of Linklater’s performance in the video below.

Talking to Vanity galleryTim said that Linklater’s opinion is, “No one has done his work in animation yet.”

“There were some things I had in mind in the early ’90s for the original Batman: The Animated Series “I couldn’t do it,” Tim told the magazine. “I wanted to do this emotionally disturbed version of Batman, who was very isolated and almost inhuman. [Bruce Wayne is] A personality that Batman himself developed to throw people off his scent. Deep down, he’s not a fun guy. It’s not glamorous, it’s not sexy, or anything like that. He is dedicated to fighting crime 24/7. Hamish was the only person who succeeded in achieving exactly what we were after. As Tim also points out in the article, “We had a lot of people who were very good Batmans, but we had almost no good Bruces.”

As Linklater puts it, “Bruce Wayne is the mask. He’s the secret identity. He’s the invention. Batman is the real character, the actual man. It’s set in the 1940s, [so I just thought of] How Batman will try to play the role of a social playboy. I think I just tried to swing and swing and swing until I connected with something.

The article also revealed that Christina Ricci has been cast as the voice of Selina “Catwoman” Kyle, Jamie Chung is Dr. Harleen “Harley Quinn” Quinzel, and former Batman voice actor Diedrich Bader is set to play Harvey “Two-Face” Dent; All shows are teased as brand new upside down shots.

As for Richie’s Cat Woman, Tim said, “We wanted that. We wanted that.” [Selina Kyle] Not to be too dark and serious, like most Catwomen have been for the past twenty years or so. We wanted it to be… not cheesy, but it’s not serious.“Badr’s two-faced personality will also see a reversal, as District Attorney Harvey Dent starts out as a corrupt official until Disfigurement accident. “We thought, ‘Well, what if it started out as a kind of schnook?’” Tim said. “And then when his face is disfigured, for the first time in his life he feels compassion for others.”

As for Harley Quinn, her job as a psychiatrist has led her to become a kind of vigilante in her own right. “We’ve discovered that, as a psychologist, her clients are some of the richest and most powerful men in Gotham City, and they’re throwing all their crap at her,” Tim said. “It’s driving her crazy. She hears all these things, but because of the psychiatrist-client privilege, she can’t do anything about it. She can’t tell anyone. We found out that some of these men may have confessed some really terrible things to her, and she was saying: “Well, I can’t leave this guy loose on the streets, but I can’t turn him into a cop either.”

In addition, the magazine noted that the series will include characters voiced by Minnie Driver, Eric Morgan Stewart, Michelle C. Bonilla, Crystal Joy Brown, John DiMaggio, McKenna Grace, Jason Watkins, Paul Scheer, Reed Scott, Gary Anthony Williams, Dan Donohue, and David. Krumholtz, Haley Joel Osment, and Toby Stevens, but their roles have not yet been revealed. We’ll find out who he is and when Batman: Caped Crusader It will premiere on August 1 on Max.

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