Google is making all your movies, TV shows, books, albums, and game reviews visible under one profile page starting June 24, according to An email has been sent users last month. These profiles can also be searched through Google searches, which may result in users being categorized based on likes and dislikes.

The company first launched the ability to Published movie reviews for users based in India in 2017. Over the years, this function has expanded globally. Last year, the company told TechCrunch that it had made review profiles public and searchable in some regions, starting with the US and India. Now, they publish all profiles globally.

Basically, you can click on any user’s profile and look at all the reviews they have posted. Google told TechCrunch that the company provides a toggle option to make their profile private. But that switch wasn’t available until earlier this week, he noted SEO Consultant Gagan Gotra TechCrunch.

“Profiles make it easier for people to see and manage their reviews for things like movies and TV shows in one place, and they make reviews more useful to others. These reviews were already public, and we’re giving people control to make their profile private,” a Google spokesperson said in a statement to TechCrunch. Or delete it completely, as well as options to edit or delete their comments privately.”

Google also makes all profiles public by default. This means that if you didn’t know there was a profile page for your reviews or missed emails from Google (which may have ended up in your spam or updates folder on Gmail), your profile will be viewable to everyone.

The company told TechCrunch that it sent notifications about hidden profile control to users through the Google Profile interface. Additionally, it notifies users of the new Google profile via a pop-up window about their current ratings. However, if users are not aware of a new profile, they are unlikely to visit the page. There is a small chance that you will come back to read your own review of a show or movie repeatedly. Google shall do its best to notify the user of a brand new page related to his account.

Google displays a pop-up notification on your profile page about making your profile page public if you know it exists Image credits: Screenshot by TechCrunch

Gotra told TechCrunch via direct message that searchable profiles can also be used by potential employers to learn the opinions of their future employees, impacting their chances of getting hired. In addition, it is an easy target for advertisers to scrape this data and display targeted ads to users.

How to hide your profile

Here’s how to make your preview profile private:

  • go to
  • Click/tap the three-dot menu next to your profile name
  • Select the item “Profile Options”.
  • Turn on the Profile Privacy toggle.
Image credits: Screenshot by TechCrunch

Even if you hide your profile, your individual reviews will still be visible under a movie or TV show title, but they won’t link back to a page with all of your reviews. Note that your comments on Google Maps are not part of this offer.

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