that it $169 from the official store with free shipping (If you can afford it new, however Third Party Sellers They pay them two or three times the price.) For some, this is nothing. For others, that’s a lot.

As for whether it’s worth the money, that depends.

For the money, it’s hard to buy anything else that can do what the Flipper Zero can do. If you want to try something with NFC, RFID, and sub-GHz wireless networks, it’s a great all-in-one tool. The GPIO outputs are also great if you’re gaming with hardware.

It also gives you the ability to run Bad USB Attacks on devices.

But where I see Flipper Zero’s main strength is not in the destination of the hack, but in the journey.

Flipper Zero is a great learning tool, and you’ll learn along the way.

What can you learn? how github How to download and install firmware, how to update hardware, what all the different networking and wireless protocols are and how they work, how to work with GPIO – for beginners.

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