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Flat Earth conspiracy theories have emerged Rampant running In recent years, although there is fairly conclusive evidence that our planet resembles a celestial body (William Shatner wouldn’t lie to us, would he?). Yes, for some reason, a large demographic of America’s most Internet-addicted people has taken it upon themselves to prove that if you drive a yacht far enough out in the ocean (or rig it up) Your own rocket And fly it into the stratosphere), you’ll eventually discover that we’ve all been lied to about the shape of our planet.

IndieWire Reports it A new reality TV show is in the works that will pay conspiracy theorists to follow their beliefs that the Earth is shaped like a Frisbee-like disc instead of being spherical. The show, described as “part documentary series, part competition show,” will provide conspiracy theorists with “$50,000 worth of resources” to conduct “research.” Ultimately, contestants will present their findings to a panel of scholars, theologians, and cartographers. If they can convince a majority of the judges that the Earth is actually flat, they will win a cash prize (they won’t).

The series premieres on the network, a relatively new free streaming app that seems to have a very limited selection of content so far (the site’s website only advertises a couple of original shows). With its new conspiracy-themed show, the platform is certainly hoping to grow its audience by attracting people eager to laugh at the naive cynicism that believes this medieval delusion.

The main thing I don’t understand about flat earthers is that there are plenty of better conspiracy theories to waste your time and energy on. For example, the JFK assassination has over 60 years of strange holes to fall into. Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself; likewise, he has a richer tapestry of threads to pull. But… for the Earth to be flat? who cares? Whether the Earth is flat or not has no real impact on your daily life. Also, the Earth is round.

Of course, this particular theory has a history remarkably intertwined with religious fundamentalism It is referred to as a form of “extreme literal biblical theology”), which may help explain why some of its believers have such an unusually strict resistance to reason. One of the most prominent flat Earth conspiracy theories is that the planet is actually under siege Giant wall of ice, which is, for some reason, guarded by military forces to prevent the citizens of the world from knowing the truth. It doesn’t help that a number of prominent voices in the right-wing pop culture/infotainment complex have at times indulged in this delusion (former Fox News anchor and malignant Tucker Carlson once said: He was “open” to the theory).

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