Embracer Group is turning to using artificial intelligence in game development after a mass shutdown and cancellation of games months ago. The parent company of THQ Nordic, Gearbox Entertainment and Crystal Dynamics – Eidos Montreal detailed in its report (via ) is adopting an AI policy in its game production model, despite the controversy surrounding the use of AI in the game industry and outside it. It said that not using AI would cause the company to fall behind other major game developers and publishers such as EA, Sony, Square Enix and Ubisoft, claiming that the technology would help speed up the development process and give players an enhanced gaming experience.

“AI has the potential to significantly enhance game development by increasing resource efficiency and adding intelligent behaviors, personalization, and optimization to gameplay experiences,” Embracer said in the report. “By leveraging AI, we are creating more engaging and immersive experiences that provide each player with a unique, dynamic and personalized experience.”

Besides listing the benefits of using AI inside and outside of game development, Embracer said it recognizes that adopting the technology is not without risks. She noted that AI may “lead to unethical, biased, discriminatory, or downright wrong results if it is not properly trained or directed or used for purposes for which it was not designed.”

Embracer’s plans to adopt artificial intelligence come several months after laying off 1,500 employees and canceling 80 games over the past year, in addition to… . Despite concerns that AI will replace human workers, Embracer says it has no intention of using it that way. She went so far as to say that AI will open doors to entry into the gaming industry for some developers, including people with disabilities who cannot operate certain equipment in the same way as non-disabled people. Only time will tell if they will keep that promise.

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