The “o” in GPT-4o stands for omni, which means that OpenAI has a lock on every communication channel with Launching its new flagship model. And although their new model is presented here for reasoning via real-time voice, vision and text, the company continues to make headlines. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman It is reportedly thinking of turning a profitwhile ChatGPT helps treat cancer Former chief scientist and co-founder Ilya Sutskever lurks in the shadows, leaving for… Work on it “Safe superintelligence” A company that appears to be a competitor to OpenAI.

Meanwhile, in the wake of Sutskever’s departure, the company has taken several actions to show it is serious about safety, hiring retired Army General Paul Nakasone, who is marching to Newly reconstituted Board of Directorsbringing with him his great energy “former commander of the US Cyber ​​Command and director of the National Security Agency” – and for some reason Elon Musk needs to know everyone He was the one who came up with the name OpenAI.

So, yes, it’s been a big month (actually, several years) for OpenAI and things are never slowing down in the brave new future. But now there’s an opportunity for business and IT leaders to get a real inside-baseball look at what’s happening. Olivier Godment, OpenAI Product Lead, API, will be present VB 2024 conversion To introduce attendees to what generative AI matters, what it really means for organizations, what’s happening at OpenAI, and more.

This includes her strategic vision for integrating generative AI into enterprise operations, the latest technology updates and how they are already making an impact in the real world, when scale matters for both high-impact tasks and resource management, and more. Real-life case studies leave audiences walking away from a blueprint for generative AI in their own organizations, and the mingling and networking that is a hallmark of Transform each year will leave the people in the room getting the real deal.

Don’t miss this session and more, happening live in San Francisco at VB 2024 conversionFrom 9 to 11 July. This year’s theme is Activating AI at Scale, focusing on practical AI case studies and the most important application stories, straight from industry leaders. Register now!

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