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Tonight, Doctor WhoLatest season It comes to an end, as the Doctor and Ruby prepare to fight a great enemy of the world Lord’s past time. But it also means there’s one last chance to see the most consistent factors in this very volatile season, another appearance by guest actress Susan Twist, who was… Doctor WhoThe Easter egg with the most literal name in a very long time.

Last we saw The former Twist actress was playing Susan Triad – the mysterious tech mogul head of Triad Technologies – who is revealed to be a herald of none other than Sutekh, the god of death, a film classic. from A villain hasn’t appeared on screen in 50 years but Trinity was only the latest in a long line. It was the meatiest role, but Twist appeared in every episode Doctor Who Since last year’s Christmas special,Church on Ruby Road(And even before that, in from60th Anniversary Specials), in which she plays different characters united across time and space by their mysterious appearance.

What does this actually mean so far? That remains to be seen – beyond teasing Sutekh’s inevitable rise – “The Legend of Ruby Sunday” climaxes with the Triad becoming a harbinger of Sutekh, transformed into a skeletal vessel for his ancient power. Whether the Empire of Death has turned her crazy, or there are more reasons why she keeps popping up in the Doctor and Ruby’s adventures, we’ll find out tonight. But before that, let’s celebrate the ups and downs along the way, with our final rankings.

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