Video game publisher Bandai Namco has quietly released Baten Kaitos 1 & 2 HD Remaster on Steam, bringing it to PC for the first time.

Not only that but The gaming bundle is currently available at a discounted price. The pair, consisting of Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean, and Baten Kaitos Origins, are currently available at 10% off in an introductory sale that ends July 1.

First published in 2003 and 2006 respectively, it’s been nearly two decades since fans first played through the role-playing games, which were initially available exclusively for the Nintendo GameCube and are now available on PC for the first time. Players can once again take up the narrative arcs of Kalas and Sagi on their journeys to fight the Alfard Empire.

This follows the launch of Baten Kaitos 1 & 2 HD Remaster in September 2023 for Switch only (where you can also… Create your own RPGif you like), although rumors have it that they’re coming too Computer players. These rumors are now undoubtedly true, and were released under a surprise.

What’s new in Patten Kaitos?

As remasters of the original games, the double remaster includes improved textures, environments, character models, and an expanded aspect ratio so it’s suitable for modern screens. Other quality improvements have been made throughout the game, starting with an updated UI for modern fans, auto-save, and help menu.

There are also two new modes: New Game+, which allows players to keep Magnus and their levels and ranks; And New Game-, a level-restricted mode for players looking for a serious challenge.

The name remained as Baten Kaitos to appeal to nostalgic fans, although this was almost never the case even in 2003. Bandai Namco originally wanted to go in another direction but eventually followed the wishes of Yasuyuki Honne, director of Baten Kaitos: Wings Eternity and the lost ocean. The name Baten Kaitos came about during the creation of an airship for the first game, and was later incorporated into the naming of several other items in the game world.

Featured image: Bandai Namco

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