California Governor Gavin Newsom pledged to “get smartphones out of schools.”

“I look forward to working with the Legislature to restrict smartphone use during the school day. When children and teens are in school, they should focus on their studies – not their screens.” statement Tuesday.

Newsom plans to work with the California Legislature to pass those restrictions by August. Politico Reported for the first time. This would put California on par with other states that already have strict restrictions on smartphone use in schools. The move may also have special meaning in California, the nation’s most populous state and home to Silicon Valley.

“They should focus on their studies, not on their screens.”

Momentum is growing across the country to protect children from the potential harms associated with smartphones and social media Cyberbullying to body shape problems. Schools were battlegrounds for this issue, with Fears Rising on distracted students using their phones during class.

In 2019, Newsom signed on legislation Which allows school districts to limit or completely ban students from using smartphones while at school. Newsom aims to move forward with new legislation that would set statewide limits.

Newsom too Occurred Law In 2022 This is prompting social media companies to increase protections for underage users, including limiting the amount of data they collect and sell from young people. Last year, A letter To urge the technology industry to drop a lawsuit challenging this legislation. He added: “It is time for the technology industry to stop standing in the way of important protections for our children and teens, and start working with us to keep our children safe.” books.

The governor’s new call to action on Tuesday follows that of the U.S. Surgeon General Call To Congress on Monday to place warning labels on social media platforms. “It is time to demand a warning label from the Surgeon General on social media platforms that social media is associated with significant harms to adolescent mental health,” Vivek H. wrote. Murthy in a guest article in New York times.

While Congress was gridlocked, states and school districts took their own action. Florida And Indiana We already have laws restricting the use of smartphones. Yesterday, the Los Angeles Unified School District board Been voted Formulate policies to prevent students from using cell phones and social media throughout the entire school day.

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