Nintendo I set off with it Latest live show With a big surprise. The company has revived the Mario and Luigi RPG series with the first new entry in nearly nine years. The next title is called Mario and Luigi: Brothers, This title almost melted my heart when I saw it appear.

The trailer appears Mario Mario and Luigi Mario Work together to explore islands, overcome obstacles and eliminate enemies. They’ll be able to use “evolved brother moves” to take down bad guys and like in previous entries, it looks like you’ll be controlling both brothers at once. Everything looks absolutely adorable. Mario and Luigi: Brothers Coming to Nintendo Switch on November 7.

The last completely new entry in the series came in 2015 with Mario and Luigi: Paper jam On 3DS, a game also inspired by Paper Mario. Mario and Luigi: Brothers It is the first game in the series designed for Switch Superstar Saga Available via Switch Online + Expansion Pack. It’s not clear which studio is developing the latest game — Nintendo has been strangely quiet about such details for first-party games lately — but the original AlphaDream studio shut down in 2019.

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