Leveraging artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies, the Minitaliz Health and GPS Tracker tracks your dog’s location, activity, and biometrics, such as walking, playing, running, sleeping, mealtimes, and resting heart and respiratory rates. It is perfect for pet parents who have a pet suffering from a medical condition or illness so you can monitor and track their health.

The device can slide onto any collar, and the battery is pretty impressive, lasting two weeks before it needs a charge. A helpful activity notifications feature alerts you when your pup goes for a walk or plays. This feature will come in handy if you leave your pet at a daycare or with a sitter to make sure everything goes according to schedule.

review: Is a pet health tracker worth it? I was skeptical, but now I’m obsessed.

Ortiz also got hands-on with the Minitailz tracker for her dog and said she was particularly impressed with the daily reporting feature. “As a crazy mom, this feature alone is worth the investment because it helps bridge the communication gap with my four-legged friend,” she wrote in her review. “It shows me things that Jimmy can’t express, like whether he has enough playtime, walks, exercise and gets a good night’s sleep.”

To get the most out of the Minitailz, you need to allow it to collect as much information about your dog as possible, so it should be kept on your dog all day and night and it may take a few weeks to adapt to your pet’s routine. Also remember that you will have to pay for the subscription, and you can only purchase a one-year subscription for $130 or two years for $230.

The Minitailz Health and GPS Tracker features Battery life: 2 weeks | Artificial intelligence technology for activity tracking | LTE-M network for GPS

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