Save 10%: As of June 21, get what’s new Ring of fire Shadow of the Erdtree DLC For the year 2022 Ring of fire From Newegg with a 10% discount on X-Box And Computer When using a promo code ExperTree.

Ring of fire It’s a ridiculously popular game even now, two years after its debut in 2022. It’s a sprawling, brutal fantasy adventure that is, and now it’s even more expansive with the release of its first expansion, Erdtree’s shadow. It’s released today on all platforms, so dive in now. Normally, you’d likely pay full price for content like this the day it drops. Fortunately, Newegg has your back with a sale that will save you some cash on your purchases for a limited time.

Starting June 21, get 10% off digital devices X-Box or Computer keys to Ring of fire Shadow of the Erdtree DLC on Newegg. Normally $39.99, bringing your total to just $35.99. You will need to use a promo code ExperTree At checkout, your discount will be automatically applied. Your code will be emailed to you, but keep in mind that there are no refunds and no returns offered for digital purchases.

You’ll also have to create a Newegg account to purchase, as you can’t pay as a guest for these items. Also, this code is only for DLC expansion. You need to actually own it Ring of fire On the corresponding platform you purchased to play. If you still need a copy of the full game, here it is Multiple discounts happening now.

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This is the first (and likely only) DLC expansion of 2022 Ring of fire. It’s your ticket to exploring a whole new region in the Lands Between: the Land of Shadow. The story focuses on Michaela, Ahad’s brother Elden Ring The most difficult boss encounter is Malenia, offering dozens of hours of new content for you to enjoy. It’s just in time for the weekend, you can save some money on your groceries, and life is good. Go, Lord Elden, and conquer.

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