We are on The WIRED Gear team agrees: If you have an iPhone, the Apple Watch is the perfect solution better Wearable To go with her. But which version should you buy? This question has become more complex recently. last year, Adjudication Apple has imposed that it can no longer sell its latest watches, the Series 9 and Ultra Watch 2, which are equipped with a blood oxygen sensor. Medical technology company Masimo claimed that Apple infringed on its patents. (Apple later defeated a lawsuit alleging it had a monopoly.) Heart rate appsbut Larger antitrust lawsuit slave-woman.)

These allowances are happening even as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Apple Watch. Rumors abound that this year we will see a new redesign Apple Watch. Does this make the Series 9 and last year’s Ultra Watch 2 still worth it? Yes, especially if you own a first-gen SE, Series 4, or Series 5, since Apple is discontinuing them. I love the Apple Watch. It’s the watch I would wear if I wasn’t constantly testing others Fitness trackers. I test each new product for two weeks, and often for several months after that. (now My children Test them too.)

But how can you tell them apart, when all these watches look so similar and share a host of variable features? We break down which ones are best for you and whether the older models are worth the price. Are you wondering what the operating system will look like for these watches? Check out our guides to The most important new features in WatchOS And everything is new Apple Intelligence features in iOS18. As always, don’t forget to check out our other buying guides, like our Buying Guide The best iPads, Best smart watchesAnd The best iPhones.

Updated June 2024: We added more information about Apple’s lawsuits, new information about WatchOS 11 and iOS 18, and information about the upcoming Apple Watch

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