The expected (and only planned) expansion for Elden Ring, Erdtree’s shadow We’re just hours away from launch, the excitement is at peak, and Bandi Namco has dropped the Shadows of the Erdtree launch trailer.

It has received almost universally good reviews and is set to be the highest-rated DLC of all time.

This morning (June 20) Bandai Namco dropped a new official launch trailer on YouTube, and across the comments on the video-sharing platform, Reddit, and Somebody Particularly excited.

Gameplay elements from the Shadow of the Erdtree launch trailer are of particular interest as people sharpen their swords and prepare to dive into the Land of Shadows, eager to see what enemies they will face.

Part of the trailer, which starts around 50 seconds in, focuses heavily on the many different enemies that players are sure to spend hours dying to. One in particular looks like a wreathed dragon in Death Blight, the Elden Ring’s exhausted status effect. “It’s beautiful and terrifying but beautiful.” One user on X said.

However, it’s the dragon battle that really gets people’s pulses racing. “What the hell was the dragon fight at the end?! Magma Lightning?! Huh?!” one Reddit user exclaimed, to the approval and excitement of the comments section in general. Another said, amidst many gestures: “He looks crazy, I can’t wait to die for these.”

Don’t forget that in order to access the DLC, you must defeat both Starscourge Radahn and Shardbearer Mohg – which less than half of players have done. Those who are willing though: “We’re all about to stop by the Moguin Palace as if we owned the place,” he said. A YouTube commentator.

Can you play Shadow of the Erdtree early?

There are already reports of players changing the region on their PlayStation or Xbox consoles to New Zealand, where the game is launching as soon as possible. There’s a lot of disappointment and confusion in PC gaming circles – there’s no staggered release because Steam, the game’s PC distribution platform, requires a simultaneous global release time.

Shadows of the Erdtree release times mapShadows of the Erdtree release times map

Additionally, PlayStation 5 players will be able to pre-load the game 48 hours before release, while Xbox and PC players will have to wait to download and install the expansion at release time.

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