One of my favourites Sex toys It looks like a slice of jelly. It is a psychedelic shade of light green and looks like a small rectangle and has a slippery silicone texture. It also requires no batteries or power at all. It sounds simple, but it’s simple You have a uni game Which I love very much. Able to slide onto fingers or a penis (or anything else you can imagine) and can be used by yourself or with partners, each color in this toy offers a different barrier of texture, giving that connection something extra.

For a long time, The vibrator She was a woman or person who had the first port of call to the vulva when it came to self-pleasure, or adding a toy to partnered sex to heighten the sensations. Rabbitswhich vibrates on both the clitoris and G spothas been kicking around for decades and women have been masturbating with massage guns since the moment they realized it was possible.

But now, toys like Uni — ones that don’t make sounds but instead offer other kinds of sensations — are on the rise. Over the past few years, we have seen… The famous Womanizer game Air compression technology has developed and become a staple on every woman’s bedside table. The clit-sucking toy received viral acclaim As the world’s best sex toy, Lovehoney has released a popular water-based toy, a toy that requires no power at all. Grinding pads I entered the scene.

Mashable looks at whether we’re moving away from vibration and toward toys that provide other sensations instead, and speaks to sex toy retailers about the trends they’ve noticed.

Why doesn’t vibration work for everyone?

Now that I think about it, I don’t engage with vibrators as much as I used to. The presence of vaginismus (a condition that causes involuntary vaginal contractions that make penetration difficult), such as internal toys Rabbits It was never for me. I once loved my trusty (externally focused) massage wand and it was a perfect first toy, but I found that once I discovered the other sensations and techniques available on the market, the vibration no longer lived up to it.

Most of the time, I get pins and needles in my vulva before I’m even close to finishing, and toys that prioritize other sensations do the job better than the vibrators I’ve ever had.

Teacher Charlotte, 34, feels similarly. “I never really got into vibrators to be honest. I think I just used them because everyone else was,” she told Mashable. “I much prefer using texture-based toys like grinding pads now. They don’t look like much but they provide a lot of amazing sensation – they’re actually amazing.”

“I never really got into vibrators to be honest. I think I just used them because everyone else was.”

This makes sense, as massage sticks were not invented for women in the first place. Massage wands were created as a medical device for men. Later, when it was discovered that their wives were using them for sexual stimulation, they were repackaged and sold as a sex toy.

Of course, since then, plenty of sex toy developers and retailers have updated massagers and other noisy toys to perfectly suit women. That’s why they are still so popular. But there is no doubt about it

Mashable After Dark

Annabelle Knighta sex and relationship expert at a sex toy retailer Love honeyHe says the arrival of the Womanizer clitoral sucker in 2014 created a huge shift in the momentum in which women seek sensations in a sex toy. “In recent years, as options have increased manifold, this has grown even more so. Clitoral suction vibrators have been the top-selling category on Lovehoney for a number of years now, more than doubling the sales of the next largest category in 2023.” She explained.

She adds that Lovehoney’s best-selling product is Lovehoney x Romp Switch – The most famous products of Lovehoney ( Viral rose Game) use air pressure, which shows how popular this technology is on shakers.

Kelly Gordon, sales and creative director at the sex toy brand Hot octopusMashable says it’s also seen a rise in people looking for sensations outside of vibration for its sex toys. The best-selling Hot Octopuss toy isn’t the vibrator, but the toys that use it PulsePlate™ technology. This technique works primarily by using oscillation as stimulation, rather than traditional vibration. “The result creates profound sensations that stimulate entire areas of the anatomy,” Gordon explains. “We use this technology and design our games to make sure you can use our products in whatever way works for the user,” she adds. For example, the flat side of the products can be used for broader stimulation or the tip for a more targeted sensation.

Since these products were made with women and vulva owners specifically in mind, with decades of technological advancement under their developers’ belts, it makes sense that these toys would be prized over emotions.

Advances in sex technology

Advances in technology mean that companies are able to produce new products and new forms of pleasure, which for some people work better than their predecessors, according to Knight.

We have come a long way from misusing medical devices until they were introduced directly to us. From air pressure technology to pulsating technology, and embracing artificial intelligence and virtual reality technology in gaming, sex technology has made great leaps. Knight suggests that the excitement of trying new things may be why many of us are replacing vibrators with other options.

One example is a new water technology developed by Womanizer. In 2023, Womanizer created another non-vibrating sex toy with the potential to make as many waves as the Womanizer did. They fired a Shower head as a sex toy, which Knight says is very popular. This toy works by manipulating the water to stimulate the clitoris and other erogenous zones, rather than any physical “vibrations” of any kind – it looks just like a regular shower head (you can replace your existing shower head with it).

Sexual wellness is becoming more accepted in the mainstream, with both the consumer and industry becoming more innovative in what they want to try or create, leaving room for these “less traditional” categories to grow.

Marketer Kaitlyn, 28, collects sex toys, and told Mashable that she likes to have a “variety of sex toys that offer different experiences.” She’s a big fan of the womanizer game Shower head They have developed the Hot Octopuss pulsating technology. “For someone who loves sex toys and is a little obsessed with them, these new technologies are more exciting than a vibrator,” she adds.

“Using textured toys, especially ones that can slide over the hands, is better suited to my disability than using a vibrator.”

How new technology helps with accessibility

Another reason why these new technologies give vibrations a run for their money is accessibility. Receptionist Daisy, 33, told Mashable that being disabled sometimes leaves her with restrictions in the bedroom. “Using textured toys, especially ones that can slip on the hands, is better suited to my disability than using a vibrator,” she explains. She, who suffers from endometriosis, adds that the vibration can also “rub the wrong way” and finds that the grinding pads provide her with the gentle sensation she needs during a flare.

All this does not mean that rabbitOr the bullet or the stick is dead – quite the opposite in fact. Eleanor, a 45-year-old real estate appraiser, told me she’s tried “every sex toy under the sun” and “the rabbit is in control.” “I catch every rabbit I can get my hands on,” she told me. “Double vibration will never be beat for me.”

In fact, Lovehoney says one of its bunnies is still in its top five best-selling products this year. They are seeing other types of sex toys on the menu for the first time.

What a transformation Do The demonstration is a better understanding of female pleasure by sex toy developers and retailers, and an acknowledgment from toy designers that different stimuli work for different people. If you’re still holding on to your vibrator, more power to you. But there is now a wealth of options on the market available to those who – like me – have outgrown that, and that’s really exciting.

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