Months after Apple Open the App Store for game streaming apps, iPhone is about to get its first phone. Retro gaming platform Antstream will It arrives On iOS on June 27. Mac cult Firstly mentioned In the news.

Antstream Arcade offers over 1,300 retro games from old school platforms such as Atari, Commodore 64, DOS, and arcade consoles. It even has a few PS1 games, but they cost less Hard lime mineral And more… War pigs. You can browse the current Antstream library here.

Although Apple cited developer feedback to relax the rules, it will likely thank the EU Digital Markets Law (Blood). The DMA regulations are designed to promote competition and prevent anti-consumer practices that are so common at big technology companies. It entered into force in 2023. Earlier this year, Apple He said It will start allowing developers to submit individual apps that stream entire libraries of games, something it had in place I resisted before.

Antstream typically costs $5 per month or $40 per year, however Mac cult Reports indicate that it will launch with an introductory offer of $4 per month or $30 for a year. You can check The company’s website To see if it’s worth it before it launches next week.

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