Chipmaker AMD has allegedly suffered a massive data breach, which may include sensitive employee and customer data.

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is currently working with law enforcement to investigate allegations of a massive data breach. By hacking IntelBroker group. the The first reports of the hack appeared on Xwill be reported later by Computer mag.

“We are aware of a cybercriminal organization that claims to be in possession of stolen AMD data,” the company told PCMag on Tuesday. “We are working closely with law enforcement officials and a third-party hosting partner to investigate the claim and the significance of the data.”

According to the original post on This is a large collection of information that may be sensitive to people inside and outside the company.

How bad is this data breach for AMD?

computer games Reports indicate that IntelBroker has previously successfully targeted EU law enforcement agency Europol and UK-based bank Barclays. like Other sources about X They also claim to have AMD data for sale, and it appears the group has its hands on confidential data.

However, some of the data appears to be outdated, as several employees appear in a screenshot of the stolen information marked as “inactive.” If this is true for all data, it is possible that the information obtained is no longer relevant (although it is also possible that more sensitive information is withheld from public view for the time being).

Since the chip industry forms the backbone of the computer hardware industry, information about upcoming technology and models can be extremely valuable in the right hands. It remains to be seen how far the data breach goes and what kind of results AMD has in store.

AMD is not alone in suffering from these types Cybercrime attackswith Dale And A wide range of other major technology companies Similar violations were also reported.

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