Last year, David Limp, former senior vice president of devices and services at Amazon, Alluded to charging For a more capable version of Alexa – and now we have an idea of ​​how much it might cost. a Report from Reuters She notes that Amazon’s AI-charged version of Alexa could cost $5 to $10 per month on top of your Prime membership.

Sources say Reuters Amazon is aiming to launch a new Alexa in August, representing a “desperate attempt” to fix the voice assistant. The paid version of Alexa may not require users to keep saying “Alexa” when talking to the assistant. It will reportedly be able to complete multiple requests in a single message, such as writing a short email and ordering takeout from Uber Eats.

As reported ReutersMore advanced Alexa could also offer the ability to “learn” from users and create routines, such as turning on a customer’s coffee pot when an alarm goes off. This follows a report last month from CNBC, which said Amazon It plans to roll out an Alexa subscription This does not come with Prime.

This does not mean that Amazon will abandon the free version of Alexa. As he pointed out ReutersAmazon still plans to replace the basic version with one that offers new generative AI features, but it will put the more advanced Alexa behind a paywall. The AI ​​Alexa app will allow customers to ask for shopping tips, such as what kind of hat and gloves they should buy for a mountaineering trip, Business Insider reported. Reuters. This is similar to the information type Rufus, Amazon’s AI shopping chatbotcan provide.

When reached for comment, Amazon indicated the edge For the statement you submitted to him Reuters: “We’ve already integrated generative AI into various components of Alexa, and are hard at work on implementing at scale — in the more than half a billion Alexa-enabled peripheral devices already in homes around the world — to enable more proactive, personalized, and innovative help for our customers. “

Over the past year, Amazon has been overhauling its AI Assistant to keep up with AI-powered chatbots from OpenAI, Google, and Microsoft. Even Apple has gotten into the AI ​​game with an overhaul Siri version is coming to iOS 18. Amazon has already begun testing elements of its new AI Alexa program, in which users join a queue by saying: “Alexa, let’s talk.”

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