We’ve known that for a while He is . While the company says it’s integrating this into various aspects of the voice assistant, it’s also working on a more advanced version of Alexa that it plans to charge users to access. Amazon has reportedly called the top tier “Remarkable Alexa” (let’s hope it doesn’t stick with that name when it goes public).

according to Amazon is still determining pricing and a release date for Remarkable Alexa, but has rolled out a fee of roughly $5 to $10 per month for consumers to use. Amazon is also said to be urging its employees to have Remarkable Alexa ready by August — perhaps so it can discuss details as its usual fall event for Alexa and devices.

This will be the first major revamp of Alexa since Amazon first launched the voice assistant alongside its Echo speakers a decade ago. The company is now in a position to try to catch up with the likes of ChatGPT and Google Gemini. Amazon CEO Andy Jassy, ​​who pledged that the company was working on a “smarter, more capable Alexa” in a letter to shareholders in April, has expressed personal interest in the overhaul. Jassy pointed out last August that .

“We’ve already integrated generative AI into various components of Alexa, and are hard at work on implementing at scale — in the more than half a billion Alexa-enabled peripheral devices already in homes around the world — to enable more proactive, personalized, and personalized activities,” an Amazon spokeswoman said. : “Reliable assistance to our customers.” Reuters. However, the company has yet to roll out the more natural, conversational version of Alexa .

The amazing Alexa is said to be able to perform complex prompts, such as being able to compose and send an email, and order dinner, all with a single command. Deeper personalization is another aspect, while Amazon expects consumers to use it for shopping tips, as with .

Upgrading home automation capability is also said to be a priority. According to the report, Remarkable Alexa may be able to gain a deeper understanding of user preferences, so it may learn to turn on the TV for a specific show. It may also learn to turn on the coffee machine when the alarm goes off (although this is very easy to set up through existing smart home systems).

Alexa has long been an unprofitable endeavor for Amazon – It laid off several hundred people who were working on the voice assistant. It’s no surprise that the company is trying to generate more revenue from Remarkable Alexa (which will allegedly not be offered as a main feature). Users may need to purchase new devices with more powerful technology inside so that Remarkable Alexa can work on them properly.

In any case, $10 (or even $5) a month for an updated voice assistant seems a hard sell, especially when the current free version of Alexa is already capable of handling a wide range of tasks.

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