A new home security system that uses AI-based smart tracking to shoot would-be intruders with paintballs may seem like something out of the ordinary. Home Alone Set a reboot in the future. But it could soon become a reality if the folks at Kickstarter succeed in achieving their goal. The big question that remains unanswered is whether it is legal.

Paintcam Eve uses paintballs and intelligent object tracking to identify potential threats, hitting intruders with paint if the target poses a risk. The way the Kickstarter campaign is currently structured, the system will cost between roughly $1,200 to $2,000 depending on the model, with more expensive AI options allowing for the detection of animal and human faces to avoid friendly fire.

“PaintCam’s advanced technology detects both humans and pets, using the latest facial recognition technology to differentiate between welcome guests and potential intruders,” the creators explain. Their website.

But what is the purpose of paintballs? Apparently, the idea is that it will be easier for the cops to identify any intruder after they escape. And there may be an option for tear gas if you can believe it.

“In the event of an unwanted intrusion, our system goes into action, deploying paintball marks or tear gas to deter the intruder and marking them for easy identification by authorities,” the website says.

PaintCam: Facial recognition and paintball shooting protection system

The European project began with a goal of raising €12,000 ($12,800) and had raised €74,190 ($79,451) before the campaign concluded. As CNET pointing to, it does not appear that automatic paintball weapons would be legal in the United States, due to the fact that they would likely fall under the category of “home traps.” Bomb traps are illegal under US law, although it is not clear how such weapons would be classified in different states.

The product is scheduled to be delivered in November 2024, but it is not clear whether the people behind this product will achieve this goal. The company behind Paintcam, OZ-IT, was founded by Sreko Domanic From Slovenia who told Gizmodo he doesn’t think his product would be illegal for home security.

“We don’t have any data to suggest that our product might be illegal, which is why we add all these different keys or safeguards in the app in order to comply with different legislation.” Domanic He told Gizmodo on Thursday via email.

“There are at least nine different modes of use, including safety rings and a final decision not to use by the user, which is part of the clear labeling of the drug with advertisements.” Domanic I continued. “However, since our product is the world’s first commercial Paintcam, there is no legal precedence until something happens. The end user is responsible for legal action, not the product.

Non-lethal weapons systems such as these are not new, although they are commonly used by nation-state actors. For example, Israel has been using artificial intelligence-powered robotic weapons for years, and they have been deployed in at least one location near a Palestinian refugee camp. In the West Bank. As Euronews reported, the gun turrets can fire tear gas, stun grenades, and “sponge bullets.”

Israel is deploying artificial intelligence-powered robotic guns that can track targets in the West Bank

Will we see private homes defended with Paintcam Eve paintballs or even tear gas any time soon? Only time will tell. But even if it turns out to be legal, the creators of this project are still working on a prototype that needs improvement.

If nothing else, it will certainly be interesting to see if this technology that is now the exclusive domain of militaries will become a common product for civilians. Be it that Global Positioning System, Dronesor the The Internet itselfMost of the advanced technologies we enjoy today have their origins in military applications. So it wouldn’t be crazy to think that homes might one day see this type of security system become widespread.

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